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  • October 17, 2015
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With the recent advent of new CPA network websites templates.  The barrier of entry to start up a CPA network of your own has become quite low.  There are more than 100 separate CPA marketing companies that cater to a wide assortment of niches and product offers.  The quality and overall credibility of each of these networks can vary widely.  Check out our article The Top Cpa Networks to take a look at the most reliable and trusted CPA networks among affiliates today.

It is important to learn about some of the factors which will allow you to decide on the best CPA network that will work for you.  Some of the characteristics and some of the questions to ask that will qualify a top notch CPA marketing company can be isolated as follows.

Ask these questions and complete this research to find the best CPA Marketing Network:

1. How long has the CPA company been in business?

Generally, when you do business an entity, it is good to know if they have been in business for very long so that you can be able to take a look and study their track record and history with other marketers.  You want to be able to put that companies name into a search engine and read the comments that other marketers have to say about that company and whether their experience has been good or bad.

2. Does the CPA Network have a track record of paying their affiliates on time and as they have posted?

Often times there are some CPA companies that are better at paying out on time, like they say they will, than others.  There are often huge amounts of cash flow of money going in and money going out of a given network. Weather the company is a new one or a more established company, affiliate marketers have had some issues in the past actually getting paid out on time.  Considering that in the marketing business, since advertising costs money, not getting paid by your network may mean that you will not be able to continue your marketing campaigns.  Though it is a relatively small community and this is more a rare event, it does happen time to time, especially more with the less established CPA networks, but none the less it is an important thing to be aware of and to consider before you put in the hard time and work to promote an offer you might not get paid for.

3. Does the CPA company have a track record of banning affiliates or refusing payouts?

CPA companies often have a lot on their plate and can sometimes deal with 1000′s of separate affiliates. There have been many scammers out there who may use ways to drive “fake” traffic and produce “fake” conversions which are fraudulent and seek to rob CPA networks and Advertisers.  This is a legitimate concern for any established CPA company as to maintain the integrity of their platform and also to keep profits the highest they possible can for their affiliates.   The main concern is and what some CPA companies have done in the past is to refuse payout because the all of a sudden “question” your methods of traffic delivery. This is why it is important to play by the rules and only use permitted traffic sources when promoting an offer.  If you have followed the terms of promoting the offer and the CPA network still will not pay you, then there may be a major problem with the CPA network you are working with.

4. Does the CPA network have the right products in the right niches that you want to promote?

Most CPA networks have a basket of various offers that can range from real estate deals to video game subscriptions; However some will only focus and cater to one specific niche or category, for example “” focuses only on binary options trading offers when carries a wide selection of every offer under the sun.  Generally speaking, the networks which focus more on only one niche category specifically will have slightly better payouts then a basket type CPA network that may promote the same offer.  Once you isolate which niche product or offer you want to promote, then you can do a little more research to see if you can find a more dedicated network which might bring you higher payouts per offer.

5. Keep an open dialogue with your affiliate manager at the CPA network.

When you join any CPA network, you are assigned a dedicated manager who is there to help you navigate through the many various offers and help to guide you on some of the best ways of promotion.  Utilize their knowledge!  Your CPA affiliate manager has “inside information” that they will happily provide to you if you ask them too.  They have access to which offers are converting (or selling) the best on any given day, week or month.  Also, being a CPA marketer and to do business right and to last in this industry, you need to play by the rules and build relationships with your business partners.  If you are able to follow the rules, keep your marketing techniques relatively transparent for your affiliate manager and you are able to keep them in the loop of what your doing, then you should really never have any problems getting the paycheck that is owed to you by the CPA company.  Make sense?  Yes, of course it does. Just remember that an affiliate manager is an important tool which is provided for you to utilize at your disposal, they are in the business to help you and see that you have some of the best coordinates to succeed.  They are very experienced in these industries and are a wealth of knowledge and information. Be honest with them and you will be rewarded greatly.

These are some great questions to consider and to ask when shopping for the best CPA network that will work the best and be the most reliable for you.

Since many CPA networks can be picky about who they let into their exclusive club, there is some additional tips and knowledge which can streamline your ability to have your application approved by the CPA network of your choice.

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