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  • October 17, 2015
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Cost per Action: CPA networks are an advertising strategy that requires an action by a visitor if a payment is to be made to the website or blogger owner referring such a visitor.  It is popular strategy for the advertiser since he bears no risk if the advertisement is not effective. He only pays when the required action is done.

cpa advertisingThe strategy act to resolve the weaknesses displayed by other campaigns such as the CPL where an advertiser pays per lead generated regardless of whether the lead makes the purchase. Here the control of the brand is taken up by the publisher and undertakes to advertise it on his website. The advertiser thus does not follow up as to where their products are taken.

An advertiser wishing to promote his products can choose the CPA Networks. It is a model that gives an opportunity for making money to a visitor of a website or blog. The visitor is required to do something for that. The main advertiser bears risk but the blogger. The visitor has thus to buy before payment is made.

The advertiser with a CPA network stands to be the biggest winner for he can only pay for what he receives. This is viewed as a remedy to other weaknesses associated with other systems like Pay per Click. It is thus an effective method of generating returns on investments.

The advertiser undertakes to pay a revenue share percentage to the blog or website publisher. This payment is effected when the visitor referred to the ad takes an action that was required of them in the ad

The website or blog publisher has to be smart to enjoy the CPA benefits. Many will attest that this is not as easy as Pay per Click plans. He carries the financial risk. He receives no payment if the action required for a visitor who fail to do the required action in the advertising campaign.

The designing and writing of an advertisement to be placed on your website and blog that requires an action from the visitor is vital. It is only the well organized and appealing adverts that can prompt a visitor to take action.

A CPA network thus saves the advertisers time and unnecessary costs. It offers an advertiser with value for his promotion expenses.

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